Christian Abud

General Manager

During almost thirty years, Christian Abud, an Agricultural Engineer graduate of Universidad de Chile, has been striving for excellence and permanent innovation in the fruit industry.

In 1991 after working three years in Dole Chile’s kiwi, stone fruits, and table grapes programs, he began his own project with the purchase of eight hectares of kiwis and pears in Curicó, creating the company Agrícola Montefrutal.

In 1998 Christian began to work independently, offering consulting services to fruit and wine grape growers in Chile’s Sixth and Seventh Regions, transferring the knowledge he had acquired in his own fields and from ten years of experience managing other producers’ orchards, mainly in kiwis and cherries.

That same year thanks to the vision and motivational push from his wife, Silvia Sittler, he helped to create the Corporación Naim, a community service organization dedicated to educating and protecting children at risk in Curicó.

After working two years independently he placed an important commercial bet by taking advantage of the knowledge that he had working in orchards (and with the help of several fruit growers which back then only advised in technical areas) to create Prokiwi, a group of growers which through associating with one another were able to take advantage of their full potential and improve their negotiating power. As a result of the experience and good results in Prokiwi, Christian extended this format to other species such as cherries, plums, apples, and pears, creating Profruta. Today Profruta manages approximately 1.2 million boxes with a quality seal and whose commercial outlook is focused on the mid-and-long term, with the exporters Subsole and Frusan standing out as the main companies with whom they work.

As an entrepreneur during these past two decades Christian has dedicated himself to the production of kiwis, cherries, pears, plums, and table grapes in synergy with a first-class team that today manages 550 hectares of his and his partners’ fruit orchards, the main ones being Exportadora Subsole, Fondo de Inversiones Agrodesarrollo, and the Cussen Abud family.

The three departments of Abud & Cía. (Professional, Growing, and Commerical) allows the company to deliver a comprehensive, effective, and unique service, generating rich feedback in technical and commercial management, property administration, and innovation. Because of this, in the year 2015, Christian formed the company’s Department of Research, Development, and Innovation (I+D+i) with an emphasis on research applied with a commercial impact.

Currently, Abud & Cía. is a company made up of around 200 full-time and part-time employees who provide work to more than 600 people during harvest season, and which when taken into consideration its fields, partners, and clients, has the responsibility of managing approximately 2,500 hectares of orchards throughout the region.

Thirty years striving for excellence and permanent innovation in the fruit industry.

We’re a Team


We’ve been working with Christian Abúd for more than 25 years, during which new members have been incorporated in their professional department as a response to the high demand in the fruit producing industry. We feel very satisfied with this ever-evolving team which works side by side with us in the development and growing of fruit, maintaining support in the steps which come after such as tacking the harvest and packaging.

Today, the professional team of C. Abud y Cía allows us to rely on support which is oriented to crop development through the transfer of information and new technological tools for following our orchards. This is essential in dealing with the current and difficult challenges we face in this activity.


Daniel Fernandez K.

General Administrador - Empresas Altamira


Empresas Altamira

Grower Manuel González

I’ve been working with C. Abud y Cía for four years during which time it has changed my way of thinking with regards to how to deal with and manage fruit orchards. They have taught me a range of knowledge and new techniques that are being used in Chile as much as they are in other countries, receiving great support from them in everything related to the creation of orchards, new irrigation methods, and optimizing these techniques in cherry production.


I can say that there is a large amount of new projects which we are implementing now and in the future, observing with great satisfaction that the company has been by our side in the entire export process through their commercial department, recommending me companies to export to, working overnight in my name for my fruit and everything related to packaging (percentages, process, etc.). Also, as I am a large-volume fruit producer, we’ve gotten better prices in commercial negotiations.


Because C. Abud y Cía a company which is also a grower with a strong farming department, this allows us to speak as equals and have the peace of mind that they are always implementing in their fields new techniques that also have been passed on to my orchards as consulting producers. This has led to transformations in producing more and higher quality fruit.


Manuel González

Grower - Maule Region