"El Cimarrón" Farm

This property is found in Tutuquén, to the west of Curicó, and is comprised of 12 hectares of Hayward and Jintao kiwis. The land is characterized by obtaining large productions of fruit of an excellent quality, with a record production of Hayward approaching 60,000 kgs /hectare.

The Gibson family started the farm in 1986, and since 2004 the property been entirely administered by C. Abud & Cía, making us responsible for the technical, commercial, and financial management of the orchard.



6,5 HA



4,9 HA

Alvarez Family

Jorge Alvarez Rios together with his father Luis Álvarez  in 1990 began their first cherry orchards with acidic rootstocks, together with kiwis, apples, and plums. After several years and productive results, they placed their bets almost entirely on cherries, leaving only seven hectares for kiwi production. In the year 2006 with 35 hectares of cherries they started using our consulting services along with the commercialization of 50% of their volume with Profruta.

Currently their property has 110 hectares of cherries, a vivarium with approximately 100,000 plants for future projects, becoming part of the administrative and property management of C. Abud & Cía. In addition, they have handed over 100% of the management of the commercial department to the company Grupo Procer.