The service known as Polen Montefrutal was created in 2004 after several different trials and tests aiming to improve the kiwi’s quality by means of assuring an adequate pollination (a determining factor in the productive success of the species). The assisted pollination service’s objective is to deliver comprehensive assistance in all aspects of this job, favoring the optimum use of this tool to achieve a sustained improvement in the quality of the pollinized kiwi.


The extraction of the pollen from male kiwi plants and its application on female flowers takes place with imported Italian technology in a strategic alliance with Roberto Romani, one of the most important manufacturers of these pollen extraction and diffusion machines in Italy.

With the arrival and spread of PSA in Chile, the company has encouraged and incentivized in its disease-free producers to supply their own pollen through the acquisition of their own machinery in order to diminish the risk of infection and ensure a larger production and higher quality even in the most complex climates. For the certification, tracking and quality assurance of the quality of our pollen, we periodically realize germination and viability analyses in the Seed Laboratory in the Universidad de Chile.

Nowadays Polen Montefrutal has become a point of reference at the national level in the assisted pollination of kiwis with the assistance of 40 different companies located in the Maule and Los Ríos Regions.

Montefrutal Nursery


Since 2007 we have been developing our plant propagation program, especially in sour cherry rootstock with the varieties Bing, Rainier, Regina, and Kordia.  In addition, here we also propagate Lapins and Skeen varieties with the Colt rootstock in order to complement our acid rootstock and grafting projects.


The Sour Cherry rootstock has rustic characteristics, adapting well to different solit conditions, having a high resistence to dense and moist soils, develops a medimum reduction in the strenigh of the variety with a high formation rate of shoots (more buds per shoot), a greater induction rate, and an earlier production than Colt. Also, they have a good ability to take root, penetrating up to one meter below the surface when there is no limiting factors in the soil.


Currently, the five hectare nursery is technically managed by C. Abud & Cía. It develops plants in two formats: dormant rootstock, and the finished plant, which in 2016 produced 140,000 and 40,000 plants respectively. Our commercial model’s fundamental pillar is our warranty period which is from when the plants take off until the first year of formation. Durante this period the plants are visited regularly by our team to check up on the percentage of plants which grown and flowered.


As an indicator of success of the plants’ quality, the percentage of repositioning and grafting is used, which in eight years has never exceed 4%.



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Zapallar, Curicó - Maule Region, Chile