Santiago Montt

Bussiness & Comercial Manager

Profruta is a business association involving  small, medium and bigger growers fruit mainly engaged in an overall  large range business approach supported  by a common technical insight  based and focused on   strict  international standards -as required  in  the fruit export  marketplace.

Profruta consider itself an intermediation bridge at arms length for the Farmer-Exporter  link  thus  defining  clear lines of responsability for each party  building  up a trusted   sales force relationship which results in competitive strength.

Currently there are 37 different businesses and its subsidiaries belonging to Profruta, all of which have the objective of achieving their full potential by improving their collective negotiating power with the fruit industry.





1. Great quality of the fruit under the same technical line.

2. A serious work ethic on behalf of its partners.

3. Self-financing up to the harvest season.

4. Proprietary system to estimate the caliber and volume of the fruit.

5. Effective coordination in the negotiations, harvest, and packaging.

6. Permanent supervision of the harvest and packaging of the fruit.