Professional Department

Abud & Cía.

Raimundo Cuevas

Professional Department Manager

28 years of professional experience of Christian Abud as an agricultural engineer specializing in fruit production form the backing of this department. Since 1998 it has been made of a technical team specializing in kiwis and cherries who strive to deliver a comprehensive solution to their clients’ necessities.


Our department has a special emphasis in property and production management and the incorporation of new technologies in a model which supports and follows its clients permanently.

It also counts on the support of its Department of Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) which comes from the necessity of bringing together and validating new tools which improve the production process and provide sustainability  to its orchards, clients, and the industry as a whole.




A comprehensive service led by a group of professionals who strive to provide work methodologies in technical, administrative, and management areas, aiming to generate an impact in each of the forty companies located in the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Regions.

The service provides one agronomist who is responsible for each orchard who must realize the full potential in the relationships between the producer, administrator, and worker through monthly visits, support, training, TTG’s talks, etc.

Finally, the overall objective is to reduce the cost per kilogram of exported fruit by increasing the quality and productivity with the use of technology that takes in to account the local climate in each orchard.

Together with the Agricultural Department, synergy is created with the feedback from the technical and administrative management, studies and field tests. The current area that our team overlooks is 1,500 hectares from external producers, 520 hectares of the our own orchards, and 122 hectares  under the administrative format.


(VI - VII - VIII Region)


2144 HA


1133 ha.


750 ha.

WINE GRAPES / 95 ha.

APPLES / 45 ha.

PLUMS / 24 ha.


PEARS /80 ha.


Land Administration


A comprehensive administrative service which unifies management of the technical, economic, and financial areas with productive commercialization. The client only attends board meetings.

C. Abud & Cía is responsible for placing a trained person in charge of property management, controlling all of the technical and financial aspects. Everything is done with the same technical methods developed in the Consulting Service.

The model is applied from small to large growers. In the case of “El Cimarrón” in Tutuquén, where since the year 2000 twelve hectares of kiwis of the varieties Hayward and Jintao have been administered.

Another example is that of the Álvarez family in Romeral which currently manages 110 hectares of cherries that are completely incorporated in the professional, agricultural, and commercial departments.


Department of R+D+I

Research + Development + Innovation

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The objective of the Department of Research, Development, and Innovation is to investigate in an applied manner, develop and look for innovative solutions to the main concerns of production from within our business and our clients, always aiming to be part of a meaningful contribution to the national fruit producing industry through the diffusion and transfer of its main results and achievements.


The entire team in all of the different departments at C. Abud & Cía. participates in the “We Are All Research, Development, and Innovation” program.

The main areas which are defined within the department are:

- Formulating and developing the R+D+I fruit producing projects.

- Study and design of new fruit producing products.

- Services to Third Parties:

- Evaluation and validation of agricultural supplie.

- Design, implementation, and analysis of agricultural research.

- Technologically diffusing and transferring results

- Technology Transfer Groups (TTG’s)

- Innovation Tours

- Seminars, Talks, and Workshops

- Training

- Publications

Fruit Projects

We design projects for each local climate on the basis of a previous evaluation and the experience of our technical team. 


The work program is developed in two stages:


Diagnostic Evaluation

Before making a decision, it is key to know in person the land and its surroundings. A thorough examination is undertaken, observing the interaction of the soil, water, and climate, existing facilities, etc.

It is the starting point for all of the decision making for the entire project.

From this visit the following is defined:

Viability of undertaking the project.

Range of Possibilities (Species, Varieties, Rootstock)


- Analysis of the property’s most important characteristics.
- Presentation evaluating the planting alternatives that the property would offer.

- Agriculutral/ecologial zones to explore.



- Technical-Economic Flow at the 15 year mark.

- Design and Outline of the Orchard.

- Choice of Species, Rootstock, and Varieties.

- Harvest Calendar.

- Protocol and Consulting for Choosing and Purchasing Plants.

- Projection of Costs, Income, and Future Prices.

- Estimate of gross yield and export, and the curve of the desired caliber.

- Estimate of the required labor during 15 years.

- Execution of the project according to the timetable of activities. (Gantt chart)