On Tuesday, June 14, 2016, visited the offices of C. Abud & Cía. Dr. Marco Scortichini, leading Italian bacteriologist at the Agricultural Research Council (CRA).

The visit had as objective to know the different areas of investigation in kiwifruit production and control of Psa, mainly in yellow kiwi cv Jintao, variety strongly affected by this bacterium.

In field where observed the tests developed by the company, in addition to seeing the results that have been obtained in the project PDT Corfo: "Plastic covers in yellow kiwifruit", which has demonstrated the containment of the Psa through the use of technology.

Subsequently, the Technical committee of Psa, members of the Kiwi Committee, technical team of C.Abud & Co., professionals and advisers of the subject, met in the offices of C. Abud & Cia., to discuss and inquire about the Research conducted by Dr. Scortichini.

The researchers were impressed with the results of the use of plastic covers on yellow kiwifruit in Chile, especially with the level of aggressiveness that reached the PSA in uncovered sectors and how it was managed to contain the bacteria with this technology. This supports, according to them, the work that they have been doing in the fact that this pathogen needs low temperatures, humidity, wind and wounds caused by frost or pruning to infect and develop on kiwi, these factors being minimized by the microclimate that is generated under the plastic.

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