On June 18, an interview with Christian Abud, Managing Director of C.Abud & Cía, was broadcast on CNN's Agenda Agrícola.

The interview began by commenting on the current situation of kiwi production in Chile and how the species has developed since its introduction to the country, as well as the development of varieties that have been introduced lately, mainly yellow kiwi. With this, it also made an analysis of the commercial strategies of the industry and how the country can be a great competitor against more developed countries in this species.

It also analyzed the challenges that the industry has, highlighting mainly the challenges that have to fight the Psa with the integration of new methods. The progress made with the use of new technologies, such as the project carried out by C.Abud & Cía's team "Use of plastic blankets in yellow kiwi", which has obtained important advances and results Containment of this disease.

Another important aspect discussed in the interview was the Profruta platform, which is a tool that, through associativity, improves the competitive position of the associated producers in relation to the export industry, all thanks to fruit tracking, improvement of the production system and The technical supervision of the associated orchards.

Finally, we evaluated the challenges that exist today for agriculture, the relevance that the investments made by foreign companies in our country are taking, thanks to the fact that Chile has great competitive advantages and attractive to investors, such as counterestation and stability. Presents today the fruit sector in our country, being important that this is supported by more opportunities of financing for the producers, a better look and better laws that strengthen the sector.

LThe complete interview in the following link:

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