During the month of November 2016, and within the framework of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week held worldwide, CORFO gave recognition to thirteen entrepreneurs and businessmen from the Maule Region who have excelled in the field of Business Innovation .

Among the award-winning companies, Comercial y Servicios Rosario SA stands out for the CORFO Project: "Validation of a technological bionutrition package, based on the use of Bioinsumos, as a nutritional management for the initial establishment and development of a cherry orchard" Code 16VIP-58588. Project carried out by the team of the C. Abud & Cía. I + D + i Department, who participate as the Knowledge Provider, whose main objective is to develop and execute all activities related to research and innovation proposed in the project .

EThese types of projects belong to the CORFO Innovation Voucher program, have a duration of up to 9 months and a subsidy of up to 7 million pesos, for more information on the instrument you can visit the CORFO website

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