C. Abud & Cía will produce 200 ha of fruit trees with solar energy

On Friday, March 24, a contract was signed between C. Abud & Cía and Solcor, a Chilean subsidiary of the Belgian company Ecorus, leaders in international solar energy production for the use of solar energy in fruit production.

The model includes the installation of photovoltaic panels in the fields of Montefrutal, Montegiallo, Comalle Reserve and corporate offices, to supply green energy at a price lower than the market price (conventional energies) for about 200 ha of kiwifruit and cherry orchards.

With the implementation of the solar panels in the orchards and offices of C.Abud & Cía, it will achieve the generation of nominal 330 Kw, adding to the production of fruit with renewable energies unconventional, reducing the CO2 emissions and contributing to the development of sustainable fruticulture.

Fuente: www.solcor.org

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