Dr. Jinhu Wu visits C. Abud & Cia

On Thursday 20 and Friday, April 21, 2017, PhD. Jinhu Wu, Kiwis and Citrus scientist from New Zealand Institute Plant & Food Research LTD. visited offices and orchards from C. Abud & Cía.

The visit had as objective to know the actuality of the national industry of kiwifruit, as well as the advances realized by the Plant & Food Research in terms of genetic improvement and searching of new varieties, subjects that he deepened through a presentation to the team of C. Abud & Cia.

During the field visit together Raimundo Cuevas, Technical Manager and Sebastián Navarro, Engineer of the technical area, visited different orchards of kiwis of the varieties Jintao and Dori under plastic cover, to show their recovery against the presence of PSA.

The next day, Hayward orchards were visited during harvest in the area of ​​Pichingal, Molina, seeing different realities, like 30-year-old orchards similar to the reality of New Zealand as well as modern orchard under intensive management.

After the visit to the site, along with Santiago Montt, Commercial Manager, a visit was made to the Packing Subsole located on Isla de Maipo to show the process of packaging, also seeing the different packaged categories

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